Dronude Utrecht Project

Van den Berg/Van Herk/Durden
' A series of body positive art pieces, featuring one hundred naked people '

Even though we’re all naked underneath our clothes, naked bodies have largely disappeared from the city. Dronude Utrecht Project by creative collective Van den Berg/Van Herk/Durden is bringing back nudity in a beautiful way. In a choreography by Wojciech Grudzinski, one hundred naked people are posing in iconic places in the centre of town. A drone captures it from the sky. We each have a body and any body can join.

The exhibition at SPRING shows us how this unique project was made, the temporary community that was created and the participants’ personal stories. And of course, we get to see the most important pieces: the enormous photographs taken by drone that shows humanity and the city of Utrecht in all its naked glory.

"With this new chapter in his Dronude project, Tom Durden combines a number of important issues. In its ultimate form, the work is an iconic image of the city of Utrecht and its society. But during the making of this one image, different groups of people gathered, and along the way this project also became the story of how a temporary community can be created." - Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING

Direction and drone photography: Tom Durden
Communication: Lieke van Herk
Philosopher: Floris van den Berg
Production: Daan
Photography: Ben en Ton
Models: Anna, Joni, Maartje en Azavi
Instagram: Wing
Translation: Richard
Choreography: Wojchiech
Assistention: Erik


12/05/2022 10:00

13/05/2022 10:00

14/05/2022 10:00

15/05/2022 10:00

16/05/2022 10:00

17/05/2022 10:00

18/05/2022 10:00

19/05/2022 10:00

20/05/2022 10:00

21/05/2022 10:00




Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht, Hekmanfoyer


SPRING 2022 


Duration: open all day
Official opening exhibition: 12 May at 7 pm


Free entrance

The exhibition is unfortunately not open at the following times:

17 May: 16.00-20.00

19 May: 15.00-18.00

20 May: 9.00-11.00 and 13.00-16.00


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Naakt in Utrecht Naked in Utrecht

To be naked is to be without disguises. - John Berger

Opening van Dronude Utrecht Project Opening Dronude Utrecht Project

Blog written by Tessa Kraijer


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