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Katja Heitmann at SPRING 2023


German choreographer Katja Heitmann (1987) returns to SPRING with Motus Mori: REQUIEM.

Grzegorz Reske: “In May 2021, I stayed in Utrecht. On the last day of the festival, SPRING would announce the change of artistic leadership. I took my time to get to know and understand the city and navigated through the programme as an ordinary visitor. At the top of my list was Motus Mori: meeting the archives, at Fotodok. Without too much knowledge of the project or its creator, I arrived unprepared and without expectations. But what I received that rainy morning was one of the most beautiful, personal, moving and intimate theatrical experiences. An experience that not only energised me professionally, but also deeply changed me personally. In the performing arts, we risk becoming immune to emotions by analysing and judging creations with a professional gaze. Katja Heitmann and her collaborators do not allow that. I am very happy that SPRING is continuing its relationship with Katja’s Motus Mori. We are very honoured that the flame of the next chapter – RELIQIUEM – will ignite for the first time with Utrecht audiences.”

With a shared premiere at SPRING festival in Utrecht and Korzo’s CaDance Festival in The Hague, SPRING is embarking on a new form of collaboration. Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM is a co-production and co-presentation of two festivals that prefer cooperation to competition. This way of working not only benefits our audiences, but also contributes to a more sustainable environment for creators.

Her production Motus Mori was featured at SPRING in 2021 and recently received international attention from The New York Times: “The choreographer Katja Heitmann collects people’s habits and mannerisms — how they walk, stand, kiss, sleep and fidget — for her ongoing dance project.”

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