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  • SPRING Academy

Professionals Meeting: Performance in a Museum Context

Tue May 28 2024 15:00
Het Huis Utrecht
3 hours

SPRING Academy and Rooms Performance Festival join forces for a conversation about performance in a museum context, assisted by guests: Valentijn Byvanck (director Marres), Boukje Schweigman (artistic director Schweigman&) en Katja Heitmann (choreographer).

More and more makers are flirting with the characteristics and possibilities of a museum context. This context arises from an alternative artistic tradition, with different expectations, codes, and possibilities, but also with different productional and economic circumstances and structures. How can we better facilitate this work? Do creators know how to access the museum context sufficiently? And do curators know how to find the creators? What about festivals? Supported by several inspiring guests, we will engage in discussions about performance in a museum context.

Confirmed speakers include: Valentijn Byvanck (director of Marres), Boukje Schweigman (artistic director of Schweigman&), and Katja Heitmann (choreographer).

Participation is free.

We hope to see you there!

Rooms is organised by Marres, VIA ZUID, de Brakke Grond, Dansateliers and FASHIONCLASH



Beeld: Sanne Peper

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