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    Florentina Holzinger, Vincent Riebeek
    SPRING 2014

    The perfect symbiosis of a healthy body and a healthy mind: it is the ultimate aim of these five performers. They are trying to achieve nothing short of their own versions of Miss or Mister Universe. Their training schedule: militaristic cross-fitness sessions to develop the perfect muscle tone all over, alternated with in-depth psychotherapy and meditation sessions.
    Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek have become known for their radical physicality and explicit performances. For Wellness they have drawn inspiration from glossy magazines, beauty contests and the world of transvestism. They have invited three performers to join them for this show, including Renée Copraij who danced with Jan Fabre for many years. In Wellness she plays the great yoga mistress who takes the others on a path to leave their fears behind. The path that will lead them to the ultimate balance and happiness. Love it, or hate it!

    On May 15 Wellness can be seen with De uitvaart as Double Bill #1 Ritual + Radical.
    On May 16 Wellness can be seen with Memento Mori as Double Bill #2 Explicit + Philosophical.
    On May 17 there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.



    Florentina Holzinger


    Vincent Riebeek

    Motion on Motion off