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    Vacuum Days Utrecht

    Tim Etchells
    SPRING 2016

    Take a stroll around the Utrecht city centre and for once, try not to avert your eyes from the big poster ads everywhere. Vacuum Days Utrecht is a poster campaign created by artist, writer and performance maker Tim Etchells (Forced Entertainment) in which he announces a series of entirely imaginary performances and events. The posters are inspired by newspaper headlines, current affairs, gossip and political rhetoric in which Putin, Wilders, Trump form part of the cast. These caustic, funny, far-fetched and sometimes uncomfortable announcements are made to spark reflection on the times we live in, the political dilemmas we are facing today, and the sensationalism of the news and other media.
    Vacuum Days Utrecht will be especially created for SPRING and is a continuation of Etchells’ project and publication Vacuum Days (2011/12).

     Artist Talk: on 22 May there's a public interview with Tim Etchells at Theater Kikker in the context of SPRING Academy.



    Tim Etchells

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