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  • NL premiere


Leja Jurišić, Marko Mandić
31 October 2021
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Blauwe Zaal
6 hours (durational performance, entry and re-entry is possible at all times). It is recommended to watch the whole performance, from the start.
€ 17 / € 14*
SPRING in Autumn 2021

“The intense magic of being together for six hours” – RTV Slovenia *****

In this six-hour performance, the terrific acting duo Leja Jurišić & Marko Mandić addresses the eternal ideal in the performing arts, which doubles as the one great unsolvable political issue: what does it mean to be together and how should we be together? Set to a soundtrack that encompasses the entire history of music, from classical to pop, we witness an intense yet light-hearted show about two characters being together. The show is daring, funny, human, intelligent and political and never gets boring. A must-see in these individualistic times. Come and go as you please!

Interview with Leja Jurišić and Marko Mandić
“So I’d like to pass on this feeling: being together in the theatre transforms us. I’d like our show to change our perspective on everything around us. We challenge ourselves with new desires and new ideas for the future out there.“

Read the entire interview in the digital magazine van SPRING in Autumn.



Leja Jurišić


Marko Mandić

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