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    The Stages of Staging

    Alexandra Bachzetsis
    SPRING 2014

    ‘It’s a romance. It’s a romantic comedy. It’s an action movie. It’s a cover version.’ It’s all of these. Or is it a rehearsal? A webcam-audition on YouTube? With Alexandra Bachzetsis you never know… With great virtuosity, eleven performers, and a gym for a set, The Stages of Staging questions the way we shape our personalities in today’s world, through social media, sports, sexy songs, personal confessions and private films. Ready to be discovered as the next top model or the best dancer in the Netherlands. Life as a selfie. Because one thing is clear: all the world’s a ‘stage’, and we may be watched 24-7. So we’d better start working out and whip our bodies and faces into maximum shape. The Stages of Staging is a reflection on today’s mediatised society.

    The museum version of The Stages of Staging was presented earlier at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

    On May 22 The Stages of Staging can be seen with Nos Limites as Double Bill #8 Beauty + Deconstruction.
    On May 22 there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.



    Alexandra Bachzetsis



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