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  • SPRING coproduction
  • SPRING coproduction
  • World premiere

The NarcoSexuals

Dries Verhoeven
01 June, 02 June, 03 June, 04 June, 05 June 2022
Ping Pong Club / Wisselspoor (2e Daalsedijk 4B)
continuous, the loop takes about 50 minutes
€17,- / €14,-*

A look inside the bittersweet world of sexual drug use

Scrolling through their phones they go in search of sex, sex like they’ve never had before, sex beyond the imaginable. Horny and determined they get on their bikes, a phial of GHB or a bag of 3mmc or something in their pockets. Disobeying the request for social distancing, giving the health cult the finger, rebelling against the loneliness that is lurking all the time. They meet on a couch in a random living room somewhere in town. They snuggle up, they talk and talk, they fuck each other to kingdom come, sometimes they faint, in each other’s arms, they take care of each other. Meet: The NarcoSexuals.

In his latest work, Dries Verhoeven investigates the ins and outs of sexual drug use, a phenomenon that is gaining popularity especially among gay men. Forty years after the start of the gay liberation, we’re entering a ‘narco-sexual revolution’, even though this current liberation is invisible to the outside world. What pushes people to even risk their own lives? How different are they allowed to be?

“Dries Verhoeven and his performers invite us to journey to the fringes and darkest areas of our society. As he often does in his works created with SPRING, Dries is taking the city of Utrecht as the backdrop for his story.” – Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING



Dries Verhoeven

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