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    The Family

    Casper Vandeputte, THEATER UTRECHT
    SPRING 2017

    From March until June a gang of theatre makers led by director Casper Vandeputte will be setting up shop inside Theater De Paardenkathedraal. During this period they will be working on four new ‘episodes’ of The Family, the controversial 1973 theatre hit and modern classic by Lodewijk de Boer. The Family is a compelling, hilarious, shocking and touching performance about a family who love each other, sometimes hate each other, but who above all are bound to each other for life. During SPRING, episode 4 will premiere AND you can also binge watch the complete series. Each new episode starts with a brief recap of the preceding episode(s). So you can start from any episode! Casper Vandeputte is a young playwright and director who has creates plays for various Dutch theatre companies. The Family is his first for Theater Utrecht.

    Order your tickets:
    Friday 19 May 20.00 The Family  Episode 4
    Saturday 20 May 20.00 The Family Episode 4
    Sunday 21 May 20.00 The Family Episode 3 & 4
    Thursday 25 May 15.00 The Family Episode 1 – 4
    Friday 26 May 20.00 The Family Episode 3 & 4
    Saturday 27 May 15.00 The Family Episode 1 – 4



    Casper Vandeputte


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