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    The Dog Days Are Over

    Jan Martens
    SPRING 2014

    Eight dancers. They jump. They move at great speed. They sweat profusely. Sometimes they fail. The Dog Days Are Over presents a group of dancers who surrender to a single act of physicality: the jump. A mathematic choreography and a repetitive bruising battle to prove that the dancers are only the performers, in the service of… what, exactly? The dancer as a gladiator in an arena with only a very thin line between art and entertainment. Having staged a number of captivating and compelling solos, Jan Martens is creating a group piece this time, inspired by the famous American photographer Philippe Halsman. He has stated that his pictures of countless celebrities jumping showed ‘the true face’ of mankind. Martens is doing the same with his dancers in The Dog Days Are Over.
    SPRING believes in the talent of the up-and-coming Martens; the previous edition included his Dialogue, and, as part of a two-year collaboration, his first show for the big stage will premiere during the 2015 festival.

    On May 20 The Dog Days Are Over can be seen with De uitvaart as Double Bill #6 Church + Gym.
    On May 20 there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.



    Jan Martens

    Motion on Motion off