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    Jan Martens
    SPRING 2016

    In THE COMMON PEOPLE 48 Utrecht residents meet for the first time. Not on Facebook or in a  chat session, but in real life: one on one onstage. This is an intimate person-to-person encounter – in the most literal sense. THE COMMON PEOPLE is a portrait of the city of Utrecht that brings together its inhabitants on the big stage inside Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. A social experiment, workshop and performance in one, in which Jan Martens, with film director Lukas Dhont, intertwines choreography, film and stories from everyday life.

    THE COMMON PEOPLE is Jan Martens’ first production for the big stage and was made as part of his Size Matters-collaboration with SPRING.

    Jan Martens is a participant in the exchange programme Residenties in Utrecht.

     On 27 May THE COMMON PEOPLE can be seen with Conditions of Being a Mortal  as Double Bill #8 Big Emotions + Intimate Encounters
     On 28 May THE COMMON PEOPLE can be seen with Panda Express Double Bill #9 Tea Time + First Time
     On 20 May 6: THE SQUARE can be visited as part of SPRING Open Academy



    Jan Martens

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