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    The Collective Individual Exercises

    Isaac Chong Wai
    SPRING 2018

    Let’s think about the future, the Hong Kong-based Isaac Chong Wai tells us with his performance art. He designs simple mass choreographies in public space with up to 100 participants. Who is this collective? And who are the individuals in the big crowd? What is personal and what is public? During SPRING, 3 shows by Chong Wai pop up in different squares across the city. Notions of likeness, imitation, violence, tolerance, equality and solidarity clash. Watch out! 


    SPRING is looking for people who would like to join the performance of Isaac Chong Wai by sharing their futures with the world. Isaac Chong Wai researches with his performances the role of the individual versus the role of the collective. YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS!

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    Isaac Chong Wai

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