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    Dries Verhoeven
    SPRING in Autumn 2017

    Are you ready to take a ride around this 21st-century house of horrors? Right in front of  Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Phobiarama will be erected, the latest ‘live installation’ by Dries Verhoeven. A visit to the sinister fairground attraction is an excursion through today’s culture of fear. Our society is safer than ever before, but we haven’t been as scared as we are now in a very long time. Politicians, marketers, media and terrorists are happy to play into our current state of permanent alertness. Inside the installation spectators go on a visit to their own anxiety reception. More surreal than reality, more real than the theatre. Phobiarama is co-presented by SPRING in Autumn and IMPAKT festival.

    Ticket sales at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

    Dates | Thu 19 till Sun 29 October



    Dries Verhoeven

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