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    Mathilde Monnier, Dominique Figarella
    SPRING 2014

    The lights come on. A mountain of foam fills the stage. It looks like a piece of sculpture, but it moves, it vibrates and floats. And then, the dancers appear. Playing with the foam, kneading it into shape, creating new spaces, pulling it loose. The foam is like an unidentified dancing object with a life of its own; a half-liquidised set piece that changes all the time.
    Mathilde Monnier, who was recently appointed the artistic director of the prestigious Centre National de Danse in Paris, is known for the dialogue she maintains with other forms of art. For Soapéra she worked with visual artist Dominique Figarella. Together they have created a playful choreography with a set like a painting, a canvas for the dancers to walk around in. Dance and painting come together in new ways thanks to their dancing paint and painting dancers.

    On May 23 Soapéra can be seen with For Those Who Have Time as Double Bill #9 Talent + Master.
    On May 23 after the performance at 22.00  there is a Bar Talk  at the Dudok foyer.
    On May 24 Soapéra can be seen with Kinshasa Electric as Double Bill #10 Visual dance + Congo beats.



    Mathilde Monnier


    Dominique Figarella

    Motion on Motion off