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    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

    SPRING 2018

    At a time when controversy surrounds colonial memorials, the West’s most recent dominance is beginning to show signs of collapse. Russia and Asian economic super powers are breathing down our neck. In Africa, China is fast becoming the new imperialist power. Islamic nations, thanks to migrants living here, exert a growing in uence on Western culture. This calls for a new perspective on our role in the world.

    In collaboration with the Western Hegemony National Monument Committee and the city of Utrecht, a memorial is to be erected on the Neude in 2018. SPRING marks the beginning of its construction. 

    NB: there is a story going around that this work costs € 400,000. That is incorrect. € 400,000 is the subsidy that SPRING receives from the Municipality of Utrecht (Gemeente Utrecht) for the production of two festivals: SPRING Performing Arts Festival in May and SPRING in Autumn in November.



    Studio Dries Verhoeven

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