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    S.E.F.A. (Se Eu Fosse Angolano)

    Nástio Mosquito
    SPRING 2016

    S.E.F.A. (Se Eu Fosse Angolano) is a remarkable one-man show in which Nástio Mosquito mixes personal rants, exhilarating poetry slam and emotional songs with titillating visuals. In S.E.F.A. he doesn’t mince words. Hopeful and full of energy he asks questions about identity and expressions such as ‘roots’, never afraid of being politically incorrect. Mosquito, who was born in Angola, takes a multi- disciplinary approach: music, philosophy, dance, video art, digital art… He has even developed his own app. Some call him a visual artist, others a theatre maker or musician. But Mosquito is first and foremost a full-blooded performer, the new face of cultural empowerment.

    Nástio Mosquito developed the initial phase of S.E.F.A. at BAK in Utrecht. The Dutch premiere of S.E.F.A. during SPRING 2016 is co-presented with BAK.

     On 28 May there is a Bar Talk after the performance at the foyer.



    Nástio Mosquito

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