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    Samira Elagoz
    30 October, 31 October 2021
    Het Huis, Theaterzaal
    4 uur, including a break
    English with English surtitles
    Finland / Nederland
    € 17 / € 14*
    Avant-premiere, SPRING production
    SPRING in Autumn 2021

    A cinematic transmasculine romance through the deserts of Los Angeles and Las Vegas

    For the past 6 years, Samira Elagoz dedicated their artistic practice to researching and filming cis-men and first encounters. Elagoz toured the world nonstop for five years, pre and post #MeToo, with their performance Cock, Cock, Who’s There? (SPRING 2017) which dealt with sexual violence. On a quest to find intimacy after touring so many years, Sam realises that the show started as a genuine ode to being a woman, but revealed itself to be a farewell to being one.

    SEEK BROMANCE got started from a message Elagoz received on Facebook from a mysterious male-presenting profile called Aris. In the form of a cinematic performance, the audience is invited to follow a transformative relationship between two people who got to know each other in an extreme moment, the global pandemic. From lockdown routines to deserts far from other people, with just a car, some cash, and a supply of testosterone, they expose the integral dynamics of masculinity and femininity.

    Interview with Samira Elagoz
    SEEK BROMANCE is originally a 2010 Avicii song with a music video of two bros going on a road trip with a third wheel chick. I feel like that could be the tagline of my work.“

    Read the entire interview in the digital magazine of SPRING in Autumn.



    Samira Elagoz

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