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    Florentina Holzinger, Vincent Riebeek, CAMPO
    SPRING 2016

    Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek form what may well be Europe’s most controversial performance- duo. For Schönheitsabend they have drawn inspiration from their illustrious predecessors, those who reinvented dance (and themselves) at the beginning of the 20th century by creating taboo-breaking ballets full of exotic fictions, shifts in the balance of power, sex and reversed male-female roles. Holzinger and Riebeek have taken Sheherazade by the famous Ballet Russes as one of their starting points for a dance duet in three acts. In addition to frenzy, ecstasy and explicit eroticism, expect an homage to the star of the ballet Vaslav Nijinsky and a well-measured dose of camp. Those who saw Wellness at SPRING 2014 know enough: let’s go!

    Made with support from [DNA]

     On 25 May Schönheitsabend can be seen with Last Seen Standing Between Brackets as Double Bill #6 In Your Head + In Your Face
     On 25 May there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.
     On 26 May Schönheitsabend can be seen with Conditions of Being a Mortal as Double Bill #7 Stretchy + Edgy



    Florentina Holzinger


    Vincent Riebeek



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