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    Sacré Sacre du Printemps

    Laurent Chétouane
    SPRING 2013

    For Sacré Sacre du Printemps, choreographer and director Laurent Chétouane has chosen The Rite of Spring as his subject. Stravinsky’s music piece, which is celebrating its centennial this year, is today regarded as an epochal piece of modernism in music. Chétouane replaces the original subject of the Sacre du Printemps, ‘being different’, with a personal investigation into the possibility of a society without sacrifices. (90 min.)

    Sun 19 may there is a Q&A after the performance with Laurent Chetouane. 20.35h-20.55h in the Akademietheater [UK]. Moderator: Bregtje Schudel



    Laurent Chétouane

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