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    De Dansers, Theater Strahl
    SPRING 2014

    A handful of people is crossing an invisible line. They no longer want to keep silent, be sycophants, be henchmen. They are following their ideals of humanity. They represent the right to independent thought and accept the consequences of their personal actions. They are fast. They are together. They are brave. Or are they crazy? In ROSES choreographer Wies Merkx and her seven performers are presenting an ode to the Weisse Rose, the student resistance group against the Nazi’s regime of terror set up by brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl. With their visuals, movement, music and words they portray a group in which people’s lives depend on brotherhood and trust. This is not a story about the 1940s. This is a story about a group of young people who, against all the odds, have complete faith in each other.
    ROSES is the first collaboration between the dancers and musicians of De Dansers, Utrecht, and the actors of Theater Strahl, Berlin’s foremost creators of adventurous drama for young audiences.

    Appropriate for minors (12+). Recipient of the IKARUS Award for Children’s Theatre 2013 (DE).

    On May 18 ROSES can be seen with Adishatz/Adieu as Double Bill #4 Youth: Resistance + Stardom.
    On May 19 there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance at 21.40.
    ROSES combines well with the performance-installation Still (The Economy of Waiting).



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