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    Quand 3

    le Fou, HKU
    27 October 2022
    HKU, Janskerkhof 4a
    25 minutes
    € 5
    SPRING in Autumn 2022

    Remotely connected

    Four performers are standing on four different performing area's in different spaces. They are exploring the space. Their presence is captured and a representation of their positioning is projected inside the two other blackboxes. The performers are individuals, each with a physical body of their own, who are connected to form a collective through the installation and its technology. This creates a fourth entity, a new individual; not a person with a physical body, but a virtual representation of the installation itself. What follows is an interplay between the individual and the collective. Being a part of it, or taking a distance. A space filled with entities, spirits and people who are present but not in the flesh. Is the physical body even required to form a collective within the installation? Do we exist by the grace of the physical body, or does our representation have an identity as well? 

    Theatre collective Le Fou (Jorrit Thijn, Tony Schuite and Carolien Dokter) are a group of artists connected to HKU Theater. They are pushing the boundaries of the theatre in collaboration with students and alumni, in search of new art forms in which old theatre blends with new performing art. Earlier pieces by Le Fou include the research performance Quand 1, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Quad. In Quand 3, Le Fou delve deeper into the encounters generated in Quand 1 until they form meaningful actions. 



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