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    Podcast series SPRING in het diepe

    01 October, 08 October, 15 October, 22 October 2021
    Dutch/ English
    gratis / free
    SPRING in Autumn 2021

    Art journalist Luuk Heezen speaks to artists from SPRING in Autumn

    Always wondered how the mind of an artist works? After the first series of the podcast SPRING in het Diepe, art journalist Luuk Heezen gives for the second time a digital, but very intimate exploration of the weird and wonderful ways of thinking of the artists featured at SPRING. Immerse yourself in their world.

    This time he will talk to Anouk van Dijk about het performance Common Ground. Next to that, the art journalist speaks with Eko Supriyanto (IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders), Kate McIntosh (To Speak Light Pours Out) and Jan Martens (any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones). An in-depth conversation that is interesting to follow either before or after watching the show.

    This podcast is created in collaboration with online art magazine Mister Motley

    Podcast To speak light pours out (English)

    Podcast any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones (Dutch)

    Podcast Common Ground (Dutch)

    Podcast IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders (English)

    Podcast Ensaio Para Uma Cartografia (English)



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