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    Personal Symphonic Moment

    Elina Pirinen
    SPRING 2017

    Personal Symphonic Moment by Elina Pirinen is an impulsive and expressionist dance performance that takes Shostakovitch’ seventh symphony as its soundtrack. This promising young dance maker from Finland often uses classical pieces of music as a starting point, and with this performance she and two dancers are ‘dissecting’ the Leningrad Symphony. Fearless and with a sense of humour, and without being too burdened with respect for the original. This bizarre, 75 minute rollercoaster ride evokes a wealth of emotions and associations; beauty, madness, eroticism, loss, pity, excitement, anger, sentiment… Personal Symphonic Moment appeals to both the primitive and the intellectual and digs deep into the human psyche. This makes the performance a telling tale about our society today.



    Elina Pirinen

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