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    Pending Vote

    Roger Bernat
    SPRING 2013

    The Spanish theatre maker Roger Bernat is turning the Blauwe Zaal at the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht into a parliament and inviting his audience to take their fate into their own hands. Because democracy is about ourselves. There are no actors, but there are voting machines. And a number of questions to be answered. It’s up to the audience: yes or no.  Pending Vote asks us if we run the system or if the system is running us. Decide for yourself! (150 min. including drinks)

    Sat 18 may there is a Q&A after the performance with Roger Bernat. 22.35h-22.55h in the SSBU, Blauwe Zaal, [UK]. Moderator: Friso Wiersum



    Roger Bernat

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