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    De Warme Winkel, Dood Paard
    SPRING 2013

    Paradijs (Paradise) is the result of a team effort from De Warme Winkel and Dood Paard, two Dutch theatre collectives which combine a unique visual vocabulary with powerful acting. For their show, a ‘vegetable revue’, they did not rework a book or a film, but worked a field laid out in an abandoned office building in Utrecht. Urban indoor farming with two left hands. Or with an innate set of green fingers. Paradijs offers an explanation of the world and mankind in vegetables, flowers and herbs. (90 min.)

    Sat 25 may there is a Q&A after the performance with De Warme Winkel/Dood Paard. 22.05h-22.25h in the Huis [NL]. Moderator: Robbert van Heuven



    De Warme Winkel


    Dood Paard

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