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    Panda Express

    Oneka von Schrader
    SPRING 2016

    Panda Express stimulates all the senses and adds new meaning to the term ‘experimenting’. This performance is an installation, tea ceremony and group choreography all rolled into one, with Bach as its endlessly meandering soundtrack. Onstage, the performers, objects and liquids are perpetually in motion. From drinking tea to passing water, Panda Express navigates its own course between the sacred and the profane. Oneka von Schrader has developed a vocabulary of her own in a very short amount of time, playing with taboos, conventions and expectations. With Panda Express she transforms the theatre from a place to watch into a ‘sensorium’: a place to taste, feel, smell, and let go.

    Oneka von Schrader initially developed the first phase of Panda Express as her graduation project from SNDO Amsterdam.

     On 27 May there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance..
     On 28 May Panda Express can be seen with THE COMMON PEOPLE as Double Bill #9 Tea Time + First Time



    Oneka von Schrader

    Motion on Motion off