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Work-in-progress: OFFSPRING

21 May 2023
Het Huis Utrecht Koepelzaal
90 minutes
€7,50 / €5,-
Talent development

Double bills with the work-in-progress of new makers

Curious for new developments & new makers? A look behind the scenes of their artistic processes and considerations? In OFFSPRING, you are invited to react to work-in-process, the proposals of a new generation of makers. In 2 double bills with aftertalk, you will be surprised, tickled and challenged to talk with the artistic voices of tomorrow.

OFFSPRING is a part of SPRING Academy. The programme is created in cooperation with our partners SoAP, DansBrabant, Dansateliers and Het Huis Utrecht. These four production companies each put forward (a) maker(s) they have been working with for a longer time.

Talks will be moderated by Joost Segers. OFFSPRING will take place twice this year. For updates on participating artists, keep checking this page. 

Double bill #1: 

1: Sarah Kaushik – Of Journeys (Het Huis Utrecht) 

“An archipelago, sometimes called an island group or island chain, is a chain, cluster, or collection of islands, or sometimes a sea containing a small number of scattered islands.”

Sarah Kaushik’s  scenography practice involves connecting the space and the spectator. 

Her interest as a researcher lies on a thread between rituals & belonging.
What emerges as a common point between the two is the presence of a community. 

She considers the community as a fluid entity.
Porous. Transformable. Having a space for imagination.
This work-in-progress offers a moment to go on a collective journey of personal associations and new places.


Sarah Kaushik (she/her) is an alumni of the MA Expanded Scenography (HKU 2020-2022) and has been working as an artist and designer since 2010. The work she will share at OFFSPRING has been part of Kaushik’s artistic research on Liminal Spaces during her residency at Het Huis Utrecht, which she will continue in October 2023.

2: Anthony van Gog (DansBrabant)

For the next few years, Anthony is researching 'selfless body' for the next few years as PLAN-maker at DansBrabant and at Veem House for Performance. This is the idea that we, as humans, do not have a fixed core, but instead our identity is formed as we mirror ourselves to what is happening in the outside world. Self-development is thus not something that grows steadily, but something that moves in all different directions, without any solid support – a constantly mutating body. For OFFSPRING, Anthony presents an insight into his movement research on muscle tension, fluidity and ecstasy, together with performer Evangelos Biskas.


Anthony van Gog (Antwerpren, 1996 – he/him) graduated from the Performance course at the Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2019. His work is situated on the boundary between theatre and visual arts. In his work, he lets body, sound, and space enter into a game with each other.


Double bill #2:

a nomadic intervention (dansateliers)

Where can you find yourself at home? Can we build a home together wherever we go? Who determines what this home will be?

A piece of dance floor is peeled off the stage, and carried out of the theatre into an unstable world. Wherever it unrolls, the floor and its inhabitants begin to build themselves a new home.

Outside, the floor evolves into a shapeshifting body. Temporary sculptures form and fade, becoming shelters, cavities of intimacy – a living landscape.

ashley and domenik feel at-home and are out-of-place at the same time. In this performance, they question what home means to them in a world that is always shifting. How can they find belonging in impermanence?


Ho Yuhan Ashley (she/they, 1999) is a Singaporean artist who works from the perspective of movement. Her work plays across performing, performance-making, writing, graphic design, sound-tinkering, filmmaking, and scenography. She is presently preoccupied with documenting practices, martial arts, and technologies of caring. As a performer, their experience includes processes with Ingrid Berger Myhre, Zarah Bracht, Ula Sickle, David Weber-Krebs, Marjolein Vogels, Coralie Vogelaar, Lee Mun Wai, Dunja Jocic, Dario Tortorelli, and Keren Rosenberg.

Their first poetry collection, without sound now, was published in 2019 by Math Paper Press. Ashley is supported by the Singapore National Arts Council Scholarship in her dancer/maker studies at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Domenik Naue (he/him, 1998) is a transmedial artist with a background in gymnastics, dance and theatre. He grew up in Weimar, Germany, where he was surrounded by many cultural institutions. This was intimidating at times, yet it stimulated his interest in creating and experiencing art. His work(-ing) combines physical movement, music composition, graphic design and videography. Throughout his teenage-hood he created theatre performances at a youth theatre in collaboration with his friends.

Domenik’s movement background spans dance, gymnastics and circus practices. He has worked as a performer with artists such as Nicole Beutler, Dunja Jocic, Keren Rosenberg, Dario Tortorelli, Corneliu Ganea, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo and Kazue Ikeda.

2: Sjaid Foncé (SoAP in collaboration with the AHK mime-training)

In the graduationsolo 'NOT YET HERE',  the space of the performance gets reflected by magical elements and body language from a dark imagination, in order to be fully present. A look to the past, the present, and a new future. “A blueprint of doing and other ways of being.”

For this work, Sjaid gets inspiration from elements of Afro-futurism, traditions, myths and fables from the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. 


Sjaid Foncé (he/him), performer and maker, graduated this summer from the Mime course at the Academy for Theatre and Dance (AHK). His work is interdisciplinary and usually starts from movement. He mostly looks at how the body can transform itself, and how he can show the beauty of this everyday movement. He departs from a personal source. Humans are looking for their own identity. He asks questions like: what will my work trigger in another body that is present in the space? What connects us as humans? What makes us human?


In collaboration with the “Mime-opleiding” – mime-training.



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