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    Nos Limites

    Radhouane El Meddeb, Alexandre Fournier, Matias Pilet
    SPRING 2014

    With Nos Limites the French choreographer Radhouane El Meddeb has created a restrained love duet in which two men place their bodies in each other’s hands and explore the different aspects of their relationship. One of them appears to be paralysed. With his handicap he shows us how we, as human beings, have the instinctive ability to be resilient, to gather our will and pick up our bodies.
    El Meddeb has created the show with Matias Pilet and Alexandre Fournier, two circus artists. It has resulted in a mix between the acrobatics of the two circus artists and El Meddeb’s choreographer’s eye. Nos Limites is a tender dance piece, one that possesses great beauty and humanity, and is a reflection on human limitations and the ability to rise above them.

    On May 21 Nos Limites can be seen with Crave as Double Bill #7: Real dance + Real theatre.
    On May 21 there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.
    On May 22 Nos Limites can be seen with The Stages of Staging as Double Bill #8 Beauty + Deconstruction



    Radhouane El Meddeb


    Alexandre Fournier


    Matias Pilet

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