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    The Village Utrecht (2021)

    Nieuwe Helden
    28 May, 29 May 2021
    Stadschouwburg Utrecht
    75 - 90 Minutes
    SPRING 2021

    Join the brainstorm about the city of the future

    During SPRING, Stichting Nieuwe Helden will be conducting a research as part of the development phase for The Village Utrecht, a large-scale citywide project to celebrate 9th centenary of the city of Utrecht’s charter. In The Village, visitors take centre stage in a journey across the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. An app provides an itinerary that takes them along a series of shows and art works dotted around the city in an alternative take on an introduction to Utrecht. The app offers questions about the future city: what will your living arrangements be? Who will you be living with? What role does the city have for you?

    Stichting Nieuwe Helden is planning two afternoons to discuss these themes with visitors. There will be inspiring performances and local guests who will share their opinions. The insights gathered here will form part of the creative process for The Village Utrecht. Grab a chair and join the brainstorm about your city of the future.



    Nieuwe Helden

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