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    Memento Mori

    Pascal Rambert, Yves Godin
    SPRING 2014

    In the beginning there is darkness, complete darkness. This is how Memento Mori starts. You can’t see your hand in front of your face, literally. No space, no theatre, no world. What was familiar seconds ago, is now without shape or contour. Is there someone sitting next to you? Then, ‘something’ appears. Or does it? Perhaps you’re fooling yourself, perhaps you just want to see something of ‘the world’ again. But there are sounds, too. Then yes, a movement. A world seems to be unfolding, with people, naked people. And, is this fruit?!
    Pascal Rambert is one of the most radical artists in French theatre and dance. The ingenious lighting was designed by Yves Godin. Memento Mori is about the moment just before the next movement, but it is also about death and the birth of a new world. It is a visual and visceral experience, dark, yet with a light sense of humour.

    On May 16 Memento Mori can be seen with Wellness as Double Bill #2 Explicit + Philosophical.
    On May 16 after the performance at 22.00  there is a Bar Talk  at the Dudok foyer.



    Pascal Rambert


    Yves Godin

    Motion on Motion off