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  • NL premiere

Manila Zoo

Eisa Jocson
21 May 2022
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Blauwe zaal
90 minutes
€17,- / €14,-*

“This show is far more intimate and confrontational precisely because of Zoom”- The Straits Times

Flipino entertainers are given a special role in Disney's ‘Empire of Happiness’. They are seen as energetic happiness machines who tirelessly bring to life the mascots to entertain people. In Manila Zoo, choreographer Eisa Jocson is hijacking the Disney experience, with four Filipino performers and the German electronic music composer Charlotte Simon (Les Trucs). Together they uncover the similarities between humans and animals, and showmanship, labour and loneliness. Where is the line between the Disney universe and an actual zoo that locks away creatures to be gawked at for ‘educational’ purposes? Manila Zoo is a unique performance about forced isolation, false connections, consumerism and the judging gaze of the viewer. Purposely designed to be shown onscreen to a live audience that gathers in the theatre.

In many countries Eisa Jocson is recognised as one of the most charismatic choreographers of her generation. Her shows investigate the different ways in which Filipino workers are abused. She invariably seeks out the bright side of her serious subject matter, uncovering stereotypical notions of Filipinos and Southeast Asian communities in general.

“I’ve been following Eisa’s work for years. Each new performance reinforces this maker’s excellence and her keen political insight into the position of the Philippines as a nation in a global word. This latest production also shows how Eisa is carefully building a great group of associate performers around her practice. Finally, Manila Zoo is one of the strongest and most thoughtful examples of how to stay connected with audiences when long-distance touring is not possible.” – Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING

Podcast Manila Zoo (English)



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