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  • NL premiere

A Plot / A Scandal

Ligia Lewis
25 May, 26 May 2023
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Blauwe Zaal
80 minutes
Dominicaanse Republiek, Verenigde Staten
€17,50 / €14,50

The newest stage work by Lewis covers the history of colonialism as written in historical books and the one embodied in the personal history of her ancestors

A plot exposed, a foul deed enacted invites scandal. In the spirit of revolution or romantic musings, scandals provoke an imagining of the impossible. Utopian or mundane, how might scandal reveal what lies unwittingly close to our fantasies? And how does it expose where society places its limits? If life is a scandal waiting to be plotted, how do we position ourselves within its matrix? Immoral and lacking propriety, scandals are incidents where fantasy and pleasure take center stage. Guided by the questions of whom this pleasure is for and at what expense, Lewis's new plot explores the stage where scandals abound. 

Weaving together historical, anecdotal, political, and mythical narratives − ranging from an interest in the Enlightenment thinker John Locke, Maria Olofa (Wolofa) in the slave revolt of Santo Domingo in 1521, Cuban artist and revolutionary Jose Aponte, and Lewis’s great grandmother, a figure Lewis turns to within her plot as a guide of resistance − the choreographer constructs the poetics of refusal at the edges of representation. A dance between affect and embodiment, seeing and being seen, A Plot/A Scandal is a scene in the making where the excitement for that which does not fit might find its place.

The work unfolds through the following parts:

  • Prelude
  • Plot 1 : John Locke
  • Plot 2: Rebellion
  • Intermezzo: John Locke cleans up his mess
  • Plot 3: Story of Lolon / fuck up the plot
  • Outro: Repair ?

“In three parts, Lewis shows with powerful mime, body use, and comedy how we cannot 'plot against' scandals from the (neo)colonial history, which are furthermore legitimized by liberal theories of pioneers of capitalism, like English philosopher John Locke.” – ★★★★☆, De Volkskrant

Another work by Ligia Lewis, Still not Still, is also part of SPRING 2023. A Plot / A Scandal is a natural continuation of Still not Still and other earlier works. During SPRING, Ligia will also participate in the Topic Talk black body – white gaze



Ligia Lewis

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