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    Last Seen Standing Between Brackets

    Adva Zakai
    SPRING 2016

    ‘How can I go on dancing when, one day, I no longer have a body?’ the Israeli choreographer and performer Adva Zakai asks in Last Seen Standing Between Brackets. By combining dance with text and animation, Adva Zakai presents a fragmented character that appears in different spaces: from private to public, from real to digital and virtual. Thoughts escape her head in this performance, to nestle inside yours. Her words create a choreography of their own and dance on the stage. And Zakai herself? She sits down with her audience and watches, just like you.

     On 24 May Last Seen Standing Between Brackets can be seen with Time's Journey Through a Room as Double Bill #5 Lose Your Body + Find Your Soul
     On 24 May there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.
     On 25 May Last Seen Standing Between Brackets can be seen with Schönheitsabend as Double Bill #6 In Your Head + In Your Face



    Adva Zakai



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