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  • NL premiere

I… Cognitive maps – Chapter 1

Ely Daou
18 May, 20 May, 21 May 2022
Theater Kikker, Kleine zaal
55 minutes
video English and Arabic spoken with Dutch and English surtitles, performance English spoken
€17,- / €14,-*

This Lebanese artist is bringing back the simple art of storytelling

What do you remember about your childhood bedroom? Or about each of the homes you ever lived in? The Lebanese artist Ely Daou is delving into the depths of his memory to sketch the various apartments he was forced to evacuate during the Lebanese civil war and in the years thereafter. He gathers us around an old-fashioned overhead projector and tells us his personal life story, recounting his escape from a war-torn area, migration, loss of possessions, and recollecting memories. An intimate performance in which we all become family of this unique artist.

“Ely Daou may be best known for his spacious installations, but for me, what he achieves in this work is an almost iconic example of Mediterranean theatre. His maximum reduction of all unnecessary theatrical aspects leads to a prolonged direct encounter between spectator and performer. The maker’s individual and personal story invites audiences to reflect on their own lives and the wider society they are part of.” – Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING

Next to Ely Daou, Lina and Rabih are also of Lebanese descent. In the digital magazine, artistic director Grzegorz Reske writes about the background and the connection between these young makers. Read the article here:



Ely Daou

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