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    Guilty Landscapes, episode I

    Dries Verhoeven
    SPRING 2016

    We like to travel to exotic places for fun, and social media allow us to be friends with people in countries half a world away. But at the same time, we are also flooded with images of refugees stranded on a Greek island, or some disaster in a holiday destination. Images that affect us in very different ways: they make us aware of reality and beset us with feelings of discomfort, responsibility and perhaps even guilt. With his video installation Guilty Landscapes Dries Verhoeven is bringing the reality of uncomfortable news images dangerously close. His question: is there a personal connection between the supposed victim and its witness? Can the relationship be turned around?

    In 2016 Dries Verhoeven creates a series of various episodes of Guilty Landscapes. SPRING shows the first episode from the series.



    Dries Verhoeven

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