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  • NL premiere

Fuck me

Marina Otero
12 May, 13 May 2022
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, DE-Zaal
60 minutes
Spanish with English and Dutch surtitles
€26,- / €17,-*

“It is beautiful, powerful, disconcertin, confusing and deeply disturbing” – L'oleil d'Olivier

‘I live for the stage’ could have been the romantic title of this docu-drama by Marina Otero. But she went with ‘Fuck Me’. The Argentinian choreographer and dancer broke her body dancing. Lying in hospital with serious back injuries, she let her work be continued by five male dancers. On stage, they perform everything she can no longer do. Marina directs them, yells at them and loves them, while the men dance the story of her life and of the exploited body. Fuck Me mixes filmed documents, stories and dance in the exalted rhythm of a tragicomic cabaret.

“I have always imagined myself in the middle of the stage, as a heroine, taking revenge on everything. But my body couldn’t take so much fighting. Today I leave my space to the performers. I’m going to see how they lend their body to my narcissistic cause.” – Marina Otero

“Energetic and powerful, funny and touching. “Fuck Me” is an artistic manifesto on how to be resilient and overcome obstacles. Marina Otero’s latest work was one of the biggest revelations last season, and now it continues its triumphal march on festivals and venues across Europe.” – Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING

SPRING will be opened this edition by the performance of Marina. In the digital magazine she tells more about the performance and how it came about. Curious? Read the digital magazine here:



Marina Otero

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