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  • NL premiere

Ensaio Para Uma Cartografia

Mónica Calle, Casa Conveniente e Zona Não Vigiada
29 October 2021
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, DE-Zaal
120 min
€ 26 / € 17*
SPRING in Autumn 2021

A spellbinding plea for imperfection and collectivity

Resilience. Courage. Triumph. In this show created by the Portuguese theatre maker Mónica Calle we bear witness to the strength of women, to human strength and the power of imperfection. Twelve actresses – a cast that reflects the diversity of humankind and of womankind – attempt to execute classical dance routines and perform a complex symphony. Set to music such as Ravel’s Bolero they obsessively repeat their routines. Working hard, they begin to sweat profusely. Delicate, powerful and spellbindingly good.

Podcastseries SPRING in het diepe
After the first series of the podcast SPRING in het diepe (JUMP in the Deep), art journalist Luuk Heezen gives for the second time a digital, but very intimate exploration of the weird and wonderful ways of thinking of the artists featured at SPRING. Immerse yourself in their world.

Listen to the conversation with Monica Calle below and find the other podcasts here.



Mónica Calle


Casa Conveniente e Zona Não Vigiada

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