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    Deceptive Bodies

    Dolores Bouckaert, Charlotte Vanden Eynde
    SPRING 2016

    Does our body language betray our innermost thoughts? How misleading is physical communication? How can body language be read, but also: how can it be manipulated? Throughout history, the female body has been especially subjected to a heavily controlled gaze. Dancer/ choreographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde and visual artist Dolores Bouckaert are both fascinated with the representation of the human body and the (mis)perception of it. Deceptive Bodies reveals a series of representations, in serene poses, of body images from the past and the present. Tempting, innocent and touching, Dolores Bouckaert and Charlotte Vanden Eynde try to expose stereotypical images. Deceptive Bodies is an intimate duet, powerfully dramatic and visual. 

     On 22 May there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.



    Dolores Bouckaert


    Charlotte Vanden Eynde

    Motion on Motion off