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    De uitvaart

    Dries Verhoeven
    SPRING 2014

    Come and pay your respects in Utrecht’s most beautiful church, say goodbye to something we may have lost. Because, if we are to believe those who despair of our civilization, and some of our politicians, whole areas in our society are about to collapse. Dries Verhoeven is making the bad tidings tangible by dedicating ten dramatized funeral masses to ideas, values, or parts of our society that have been lost. Each day of the festival you can come to the St. Willibrord church to commemorate the ‘deceased’ and say goodbye. When the funeral bells stop tolling, Verhoeven will remember the deceased in a funeral mass, and reflect on the role the dearly departed performed in our lives. He asks us: did we unwittingly let something slip? Could we have prevented this loss? Or is our loss a mercy of sorts? After mass you will leave the church to accompany the ‘dead’ to his final resting place. After De uitvaart (The Funeral) coffee and cake will be served and visitors can offer their condolences. Flowers and black clothing are appreciated.

    One ticket is valid for all the services.

    On May 15 De uitvaart can be seen with Wellness as Double Bill #1 Ritual + Radical.
    On May 20 De uitvaart can be seen with The Dog Days Are Over as Double Bill #6 Church + Gym.



    Dries Verhoeven

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