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  • NL premiere

Dance Me!

She She Pop
28 October 2022
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Blauwe Zaal
100 minutes
€ 18 / € 13
SPRING in Autumn 2022

Old versus young in an endearing and exhilarating dance battle

Dance Me! is a dance battle that sees two generations doing battle in loving rivalry. The stage is set up like a boxing ring. The She She Pop dancers take on the role of the elderly; their opponents are a group of young artists. Mutual incomprehension, otherwise known as the generation gap, is given the shape of a strictly regulated dance ritual. The teams take turns. The team that’s not in the arena has the microphones and makes music. Not only do they force their rhythms onto the dancing group, but they also add a long list of prejudices and insults. Or are they expressions of admiration?

What is a generation? Does it even exist? And if so, what can we learn from each other? These are the questions raised by the energetic Dance Me!.



She She Pop

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