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    Dança Doente

    Marcelo Evelin, Demolition Incorporada
    SPRING 2017

    Three years after his SPRING success Suddenly everywhere is black with people, Marcelo Evelin is returning to Utrecht. In Dança Doente (Sick Dance) life is celebrated in by dancing with death. “A dance like an announcement of death, to reconfirm life in all its strength”, says Evelin. For this performance for the big stage Evelin was inspired by the radical attitude of the Japanese choreographer Hijikata Tatsumi, who saw dance as an ultimate act of resistance, politically charged and free of any rules. Evelin translates this into ‘dance like a virus’. The result: a powerful choreography that will leave traces, just like the body never forgets a virus it has survived. Dança Doente is instinctive and infectious.



    Marcelo Evelin


    Demolition Incorporada

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