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    Cinema Imaginaire

    Lotte van den Berg
    SPRING 2014

    Looking, directing your gaze, seeing what has gone unnoticed and scrutinizing your own way of seeing things. This is what’s at stake in Cinema Imaginaire. The spectators create their own show. Lotte van den Berg will guide them through the city of Utrecht and their own imagination. Reality becomes fiction, without anyone noticing. Ugly little details come into view through the dramatic framework, but also relationships between people. Whether you have lived in Utrecht for 22 years or whether you have just arrived, Cinema Imaginaire will give you a lasting new perspective on your presence in the city – surrounded by others.
    Lotte van den Berg was a guest at Festival a/d Werf in the past, and she has enjoyed great successes with her previous work. Agoraphobia, for instance, was selected for the Theaterfestival, and many of her shows have travelled to international festivals. She has worked from Dordrecht to Kinshasa, and since a few years Utrecht has been her home base.

    On Saturday 17 May and Saturday 24 May Cinema Imaginaire  will be in English (start: 15: 00).



    Lotte van den Berg

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