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    Ash and Money

    Theatre NO99
    SPRING 2016

    In 2010 Theatre NO99 founded a fictional political movement, turning all of Estonia into a stage, because the majority of the population believed that NO75 Unified Estonia was a real political party. From the first press conference to the party meeting that was attended by no fewer than 7000(!) people, the fictional NO75 Unified Estonia was closely followed by a film crew. In the documentary Ash and Money we witness how probably the biggest performing arts event in recent European history came about. What started out as a stunt that tried to make real populist politics redundant by employing a fictional hyper-populist approach, became a hallucinatory documentary about contemporary politics. 

     On 23 May Ash and Money can be seen with Time's Journey Through a Room as Double Bill #4 Unified Estonia + Ruptured Japan



    Theatre NO99

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