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    Jonathan Capdevielle
    SPRING 2014

    Like a Virgin, Papa Don’t Preach, Bad Romance… Hits by Madonna and Lady Gaga; who doesn’t know them? Using these universal pop songs the French performer Jonathan Capdevielle conjures up the recognisable vulnerability and authenticity of his childhood. He entertains us and imitates voices, all the while showing us glimpses of himself and of the world around him: contemporary pop culture, night clubs, the international art world… He combines it with a traditional all-male choir from Tarbes, the region in the South of France where he is from. Adishatz/Adieu is a ‘one-man show’ in which Capdevielle reveals himself: man and woman, child and adult, funny and sad, strong and vulnerable. In drag he veers from elegance to coarseness, loneliness to sensitivity, glamour to tristesse. Capdevielle has had a string of successes over the years as an actor and performer in the French theatre scene. In his autobiographical Adishatz/Adieu he brings together his stage life with international pop culture and some very local traditions.

    Spoken in French with subtitles.

    On May 17 Adishatz/Adieu can be seen with Suddenly everywhere is black with people as Double Bill #3 Brazilian dance + French onemanshow.
    On May 17 after the performance at 22.00 there is a Bar Talk at the Dudok foyer.
    On May 18 Adishatz/Adieu can be seen with ROSES as Double Bill #4 Youth: Resistance + Stardom.



    Jonathan Capdevielle

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