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UU & Academy: Robots in SPRING

22 May 2023
Het Huis Utrecht
3.5 hours (15:00 - 18:30)
gratis / free

Lectures & Studio Presentations in collaboration with Utrecht University

Developing robots and their behaviour presents challenges that are not only technical but also involve what might be called the dramaturgy and design of the robot as social agent: how do social robots address their human co-performers and afford interaction with them, what scripts do they follow, how to design and choreograph their appearance and movements? In the Acting Like a Robot research project, we bring together theatre makers and roboticists to investigate how theatre can contribute to the design of robot behaviour and the interaction between humans and robots and, vice versa, how robotics opens new terrain for theatre-makers. During this afternoon in Het Huis we will present our current research as well as projects of others that inspire us. We will start with three short lectures by Evelyn Ficarra (University of Sussex), Edwin Dertien (UTwente) and Maaike Bleeker (Utrecht University). After that, visitors can take a look at (and interact with) various projects-in-progress including an installation that allows you to perceive the world as a robot, and a duet between a dancer and a robot.

The lecture and open studio presentations are open to anyone with an interest in the topic.

Acting Like a Robot is a collaboration between Utrecht University (Theatre Studies/ research group Transmission in Motion), de Vrije Universiteit (Computer Science/ research group Social AI), de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht (Performative Creation Processes), theatre company Ulrike Quade Company and SPRING Performing Arts Festival. This project is financially supported by NWO (SMART Culture ClSC.KC.205) and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, through an innovation grant issued to Ulrike Quade Company.

There will be informal drinks afterwards. 

Read more on this page by Utrecht University. 

Tip: visit the VR installation Ascension by Leon Rogissart and Paul Boereboom after this lecture.



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