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    Cock, Cock.. Who’s There?

    Samira Elagoz
    FI | NL
    SPRING 2017

    Cock, Cock.. Who’s there? is a disturbing, moving and personal performance in which Samira Elagoz uses online dating and intimate encounters to take you on a trip exploring intimacy and violence. In this unique form of ‘docu-fiction’ Elagoz herself is telling her story, openly tackling subjects like female sexuality, power relations and the fading line between public and private. The Finnish-Egyptian Elagoz often uses video in her work and manipulates different disciplines to form her own artistic vocabulary. In 2016 Elagoz graduated from the Amsterdam School for New Dance Development (SNDO), winning the André Veltkamp Award with Cock, Cock.. Who’s There? for most promising graduation performance. Her first film Craigslist Allstars premiered at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and will also be shown once during SPRING on Sunday 21 May. 

    Tue 23 May



    Samira Elagoz

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