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    Time’s Journey Through a Room

    Toshiki Okada, chelfitsch
    SPRING 2016

    Time’s Journey Through a Room is an incisive portrait of Japan today by the most important theatre maker currently working in Japan. Director and choreographer Toshiki Okada has a unique style in which text, movement and images all seamlessly melt into each other. With an almost microscopic eye for detail he focuses on his characters’ inner and outer movements on the stage. Time’s Journey Through a Room uncovers Japanese society: a society that has been torn in many ways since the big earthquake, and the tsunami and nuclear disaster that followed it in 2011. A performance about hope, desperation and giving up hope. 

     On 23 May Time's Journey Through a Room can be seen with Ash and Money as Double Bill #4 Unified Estonia + Ruptured Japan
     On 23 May after the performance there's a Bar Talk at foyer.
     On 23 May Time's Journey Through a Room can be visited as part of SPRING Open Academy
     On 24 May Time's Journey Through a Room can be seen with Last Seen Standing Between Brackets as Double Bill #5 Lose Your Body + Find Your Soul



    Toshiki Okada



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