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    Nicole Beutler
    SPRING 2016

    6: THE SQUARE zooms in on our human need to create order in a constantly changing world. Defining, drawing lines, pigeonholing: the square. What role does this man-made shape perform in our society? In a celebratory ritual eight dancers and one actress lead you through a landscape of possibilities.

    In this second part of her Bauhaus-trilogy, Nicole Beutler is making our inherent longing for nuance, poetry and vitality felt. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as urban life, Piet Mondrian and American Square Dance, 6: THE SQUARE is a plea for freedom that brings together dance, fashion, visual art and electronic music.

    6: THE SQUARE by Nicole Beutler will premiere during SPRING as part of Size Matters: a programme with which the festival helps choreographers who have hitherto predominantly created work for the studio stages create shows for the big stage.

     On 20 May 6: THE SQUARE can be seen with Sons of Sissy as Double Bill #1 Folk Dance + Square Dance
     On 20 May after the performance there’s a Bar Talk
     On 20 May 6: THE SQUARE can be visited as part of SPRING Open Academy



    Nicole Beutler

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