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Podcast with makers Samara Hersch and Gosia Wdowik


There is a new episode of our podcast SPRING in het Diepe, in which we talk to makers about the performances shown at SPRING. This time with young international makers Samara Hersch and Gosia Wdowik. New productions from both makers have their (Dutch) premiere at SPRING.

“Theatre is a place of potential.” – Gosia Wdowik

In episode 2 of the 2023-season of the SPRING in het Diepe podcast, host Luuk Heezen starts a conversation with theatre-makers Samara Hersch and Gosia Wdowik. Australian maker Samara Hersch’s production It’s Going to Get Dark premieres at SPRING. The work She was a friend of someone else from Polish maker Gosia Wdowik has its Dutch premiere at SPRING. The makers discuss their own productions, and also talk about how theatre can be used to give certain groups a voice in society and to start conversations about urgent themes.

In the next episodes, Luuk will talk to more makers about the performances on the programme of SPRING 2023. Look forward to names like Lucy Wilke, Pawel Dudus and Kim_Twiddle from the production SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP.

While the introduction of the podcast is in Dutch, the conversation with Samara and Gosia is in English.

The episode is 24 minutes long. Listen to the podcast here:


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