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Turkowski & Nowacka

Janek Turkowski and Iwona Nowacka are artists based in Poland who have been working together since 2013. The two theatre makers work on long-term projects that result in video-storytelling performances. During the live acts on stage they use archive recordings and previously recorded footage. 

Turkowski and Nowacka are known for their investigative methods, their attention to detail, reflecting on the creative process itself, their sense of humour and their ability to laugh at themselves. They painstakingly re-stage and re-enact crucial events at specific sites and for local communities. 

Their previous works include: it’s happening in norwich (2016, Norfolk & Norwich Festival), Smalfilm (2018, Grand Theatre Groningen & Noorderzon Festival), Klosterhof (2017, Kana Theatre in Szczecin), Carte Blanche (2018, Centre dramatique national Besançon Franche-Comté), ^ (2019, Galeria Labirynt Lublin), Do Not Worry (2019, London Borrough of Culture) and Jawa (2022, Komuna Warszawa).

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Photo credits: Piotr Nykowski


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